Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Antique Indiana - Made Fishing Lures

page contents I collect old fishing lures that were made in Indiana and I will buy any odd fishing lures / baits that were made in Indiana.  Some of the lures I collect are:
Skipper Bill by the Mars Hill Bait Company, Lure Made in Indianapolis (Mars Hill, Indiana)

Outing Getum Lures (Feather Getum, Porky Getum, Du Getum, Bassey Getum, Pikey Getum), Made in Elkhart, IN
Outing Pikey Getum Lure

Outing Bassey Getum

Dewey's Feather Getum Box (very rare)

Staley - Johnson Twin Minns and Staley - Johnson Honey Lures, Made in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Staley - Johnson Twin Minn

Bite 'Em Baits, Made in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Bite 'Em Bait

Homarth Near Surface Lures, Made in Indianapolis, IN
Homarth Near Surface Lure

Josephs or Homarth Doodlebugs, Made in Jasper, IN and Indianapolis, IN (respectively)
Collection of Doodle Bugs

Please e-mail me at or call 317-216-4331 if you have any of these old Indiana lures for sale.  I will be posting pictures of other odd Indiana baits soon.

I collect any vintage / old fishing lures that were manufactured in Indiana.  Visit for more information on Indiana-Made lures.