Saturday, July 28, 2012

Skipper Bill Lure Made In Mars Hill, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Skipper Bill lure was produced in small quantities for a very short time during the 40-50s.  The lure was manufactured by the Mars Hill Wood Product Company at 3638 W. Troy Ave in Indianapolis, Indiana (Mars Hill area). 

The Mars Hill Wood Product Company produced pallets and furniture, but when orders were slow they would take the scraps and make clothes pins.   At some point they decided to use the scraps to make bobbers, then later the Mars Hill Skipper Bill lure.

These old Indiana wood lures measure approximately 2 3/4" and they are eerily similar to Homarth Near Surface Lures.  Apparently the accessories were more important to Homarth, as the metal "wings" of the Mars Hill lure are stapled to the side of the lure.

While the lures are rare, the boxes are even more elusive.....there are only 5 known to exist!

side view showing "wings" stapled to body

wood lure with painted eyes

EXTREMELY rare Mars Hill Skipper Bill Box

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