Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hildebrandt Wood Lure (Old Indiana - Made Fishing Lure)

The Hildebrandt company in Logansport, Indiana has been making metal baits and spinner baits for years.  The company bought the inventory of my all-time favorite fishing lure (the Floyd's Buzzer) when the inventor, Pat Floyd  of Royal Center, Indiana, passed away about 10 years ago.     I'll post some information about that lure in the future.

But back to Hildebrandt.  Hildebrandt only made one catalogued wooden lure that I am aware of and here is a picture of that lure in  a box.

One day I purchased a box of old lures from a guy and the box contained several old wooden lures that were made in Indiana.  The box included this green lure that is remarkably similar to the Hildebrandt wooden lure.  See the pictures below:

The green lure I purchased has a scooped out area at the head and has a hook placed at the tail end compared to the normal Hildebrandt wood lure that has a full, rounded head and an under body wire and hook attachment.  However, these lures are nearly identical in size and shape (the green lure body and metal inserted lip are a tad wider), but it looks like if you hollowed out the head of the red lure, you'd have the same end product.

I believe this green lure could be a second wooden lure manufactured either by the Hayes Company of Indianapolis or Hildebrandt.  If you have any details on the green lure, please let me know.

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