Saturday, March 7, 2020

Bite Em Bait (Warsaw And Fort Wayne Indiana Lures)

The Bite-Em Bate Company (also known as the Bite-Em Bait Company) made wooden fishing lures starting in 1917. "Bate" and "Bait" were both used in the name and both versions can be found on Bite-Em boxes.  The company began operations in Warsaw, Indiana then later moved operations to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Bite-Em Bate Company made the following old fishing lures: 

Bite Em Bug Bait

Bite Em Lipped Wiggler

Bite Em Pork Bait

Bite Em Under Water Minnow

Bite Em Water Mole

Bite Em Revolving Bait

Please contact me if you have any unusual Bite Em Lures (   Also, visit for more information on antique Indiana fishing lures.

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